gives each merchant ONLY one Affiliate Landing Page URL. For those who are not familiar with, their affiliate links (they call them hoplinks) are the same for each merchant account. And it is as follows:

So, again you are only given ONE landing page with this method. But I have noticed that a couple of sites have created their own methods of getting access to multiple landing pages. Here is a list of just a couple... I have provided the affiliate page links so you can see what they have done:

If you look at both those pages you will see they have figured out how to use multiple landing pages!

For instance on the Fat Loss website you will see their normal link (btw "123456" is just an example affiliateID here):

opens this page:

But this NEW link:

opens this page:

I highlighted the ?page=7575 at the end of the second affiliate link because this is obviously telling their host which page to open. But how exactly are they doing this???

Thanks for the help!