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    Re: Very Easy to get index in search engines

    I 've some Queries for new sites index problem , please sort out below queries :-

    I would be agree with some peoples replies like this
    "Use fresh and quality content in your website and point your links in some social book marking sites and also try to submit articles in quality sites so you will get sure index in all search engines".

    also try to get the some lists of high quality with traffic and good ranking sites and submit your site.

    so i need very good lists , Please can you provide me these lists so we can do some work for new sites.

    and presently many sites are running with nofollow so what would be the best idea for back links ?

    Awaiting for your reply.


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    Re: Very Easy to get index in search engines

    You would be much better served in the long term concentrating on your own site. Social sites are the current fad for SEO, google is already giving these links less weight, same with article sites and directories. Why spin your wheels on todays fad and have to do it again with tomorrows fad. The search engines appetite for quality content will never go away, it is not something that is good for this month but next month it is not.

    If you are determined that this is the way you must go there are plenty of threads with huge lists you can submit to, just use the search button above.

    I am going to close this thread since there are other threads covering this. Threads like this usually end up with people giving a list of 30 or so places to submit, usually the poster owns half of them and is just spamming.

    just my 2 cents.

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