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Thread: CSS Help!!!

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    CSS Help!!!

    Ok so...
    I am new here. I am working on this DIV layout for my myspace page and I am using css code. I created an awesome page and I use Mozilla Firefox. Now, it looks amazing on firefox but when I go to IE, the music player doesn't show up, although the music still plays, and some of the <br>, the breaks in between content don't show up, everythings crammed together.

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    Re: CSS Help!!!

    thats what happens. every code is not cross browser compatible.
    in this case i would do a google search for cross browser compatible css/html. that should help you understand it a little bit better as i do not have time right now to explain it.
    but if you still need help, let me know,
    i'll try to make time to look at your coding and figure out if i can make it cross browser compatible.

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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