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Thread: Perl and CGI

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    Perl and CGI

    I was going thruogh CGI tutorials online , I could not understand whats the difference between a program written in perl script and CGI. Does it mean that whenever a program is written in perlscript, its always CGI ? If not then how to identify that a particular program is CGI ? Is there any other use of perlscript than writing CGIs ?
    Pls explain.

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    Re: Perl and CGI

    This is an old question, but warrents an answer.

    Perl is not CGI but it is CGI.

    CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. It is the process of running programs from teh server as opposed to running static pages or serving html files.

    PHP, PERL, C, java and so on can all perform that function. While javascript and java applets traditionally run on the user browser rather than the server that is not CGI.

    Any program is CGI but perl was one of the first behind C so it usually is know by the .cgi extension.

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