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Thread: cool place

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    cool place

    Seems like a cool place to learn about web design and other types of computer programming. Anyone have any suggestions on forum software?

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    Re: cool place

    Whoohooo first to say hello....even including your other thread


    I use vBulletin for nearly any forum I operate, I like the feature and the option to add onto it in the future (though I've never added any of the extensions onto it yet - like arcade, community etc). Its coding is relatively easy to follow too plus solutions to any problems you encounter are everywhere. It is expensive though, so make sure that if you do go this route you'll knock use out of it.
    For free forum software I'd choose phpBB. Its got nearly all the features a forum should have and a wide user base too.
    I haven't really messed about with any other forum software though, so maybe someone else can help you!

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