Logo's Rated is a website in which I've reviewed logo designing firms which operate online i.e logoworks.com

to do that I asked six of these companies which are the leaders in the industry to design the logo of my own site and based the logos which they designed for me I rated them. now I'm an affiliate of these companies and by referring customers I've been making a few hundred dollars starting from april 2008.

I've spent over $3000 on getting the logos designed, about $1000 for viral marketing script which social sites such as hi5 use on their site, and about $600 on two very good statistics and analytics softwares.

Logo design and brand identity is a multi billion dollar industry so if you have the time and courage to draw traffic to this site you can make lots of money from it.

I'm planning to sell this site because I want to start an ecommerce business. I mentioned the amount of money I've spent on the site so please suggest your quote fairly.
Thank you,

Javad Hosseini