I own a few domain names / websites that I would like to sell as soon as possible. These websites / domain names are setup
during the last 2 - 3 years. Some of them are developed websites, while some are under construction. I would make changes to these websites as per buyer needs.
HOTJOBLINX.COM : 4000 unique visitors + 30000 page views per month, google top 10 rankings for 3 or 4 search phrases.
Google page rank 3. Domain age: 2 yrs 10 months. Forum has 4700+ members.
INDIASUPER.COM : New Blogging site for Indians. Recently started. 100 unique visitors per month.
HOTBUSINESSSOLUTIONS.COM : 150 unique visitors per month.Web hosting reseller site, Google PR 1
ASTREETINHEAVEN.COM : Free dating site with 200 members. Google PR 2
FIND2HIRE.COM : 200 unique visitors per month, Freelancer script installed 10 members, Google PR 1.
ALADIESWORLD.COM : Domain name only
WOMENSNETGUIDE.COM : 150 unique visitors + 1000 page views per month.
SHOWSHOOT.COM : Domain name + video site generator script
CLICKBANK-PRODUCTS-REVIEW.COM : 3000 unique visitors + 30000 page views per month. Forum has 12000+ members.
TAJADS.COM : 7000 unique vistors + 80000 page views per month. Contextual adserver and a PPC search script installed.
As you can see, this portfolio gets about 14000 unique visitors + 100000 page views per month.
Right now I am placing inhouse ads from TajAds and other ad networks as I had some problem with Google.
However, as the new owner you can use google to monetize this traffic. Or I will make changes to the sites as per
your requirements.
So, based on the above you may contact me your offer.
Thank you.