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    Placing ads on users' sites

    I have several users who have opted in to my free domains and free hosting offer in exchange for advertising on their site. My goal is to place ads on every page of the users' sites in the following manner:

    - Two small, 25 X 600 (pixels), menus at the top of every page on the network
    - One 60 X 468 (pixels) banner at the bottom of every page on the network
    - One 468 x 60 (pixels) tower banner on the right side of every page on the network
    - Google AdWords campaigns in tower format on the right side of every page on the network
    - In-context Google AdWords campaigns designed to fit the style of your site's pages and to be unobtrusive and match the content of your pages.
    - Inline in-context ads on keywords to be decided by the admin (limit of 10 per 1000 words)

    The problem I am facing ( I am not a programmer so please excuse me if my terminology is incorrect) is which language to use to accomplish this and how to accomplish this. There are some restrictions that must be adhered to: no frames, no popups.

    In addition, I can't see how one solution will work for all sites, as there may be a wide variety of site formats, designs and layouts. I know there are scripts that I can buy that will place ads on user sites but I need a specific application to do it in the manner outlined above so I need to develop my own (I think). My purpose in asking here is to have a good understanding of what is needed and what is available so that when I create the site specifications document it is not vague and wishy washy. (I like to be very specific when I go to my programmers.)

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Placing ads on users' sites

    One solution I have heard of and seen is many providers who offer a free hosting solution use is that they put an ad banner above the website in a header type position with rotating ads. This would be a good solution and would ensure continuity for your clients and ensure your ads are always seen. Not sure though how they coded that, but it does look rather nice when done.

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