The following domains are registered with NameCheap unless specified otherwise. Domain(s) transfer(s) is/are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the appropriate registrar. Currently there is no transfer fee if a domain is moved to a new account at the same registrar. Domains may be listed elsewhere and can be withdrawn without notice. Domain auction is for the domain names only and does not include a web site or a hosting package.

TWDB.NET Expiration Date: may-2009 - Description: The World's Database (PC, web hosting, programming, web design, Operating Systems, related)
ADPEDIA.BIZ - Expiration Date: 28-Feb-2010 23:59:59 - advertising, business, commercials, forums
CINEMAGIA.BIZ - Expiration Date: 24-Dec-2008 23:59:59 - entertainment, movies - music - theater - videos plus much more reviews
INSIDETECH.BIZ - Expiration date: 3-May-2009 23:59:59 - technology, gadgets, plus much more
TVBLOGGER.BIZ - Expiration date: 13-Jan-2009 23:59:59 - Television, entertainment, videos, films, pluc much more

Any ACCEPTED wining bid will be announced for the domain which was bid on. Upon that, the buyer agrees that the payment must be made in full via PayPal within 48 hours from the posted announcement.

Minimum bid starts at $10 - Increment of minimum $1 to any mount - Or buy now for $250 per each domain.

[Auction will end on 06/25/08 at 10:00 PM GMT-5]