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    css web server issues???

    Hi all,

    First post on this site.
    Ok here we go. I have set a css stylesheet through linking on all my pages. I have tested it accross IE 7 and firefox and it works fine on my local apache web server and on a remote apache web server.
    The site is an internal one running on a ns-httpd, that is netscape web server (pretty old I know). The server has many virtual web servers. The thing is that if I upload the pages I can only have css working when using iexplorer. Firefox seems to ignore the css. I believe there is something wrong with the web server, since on the two apache servers css works on both browsers.
    I use css ids.
    Any ideas are welcomed.

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    Re: css web server issues???

    Double-check the css syntax, but you have probably already done that.
    You could use Firebug addon for Firefox to see if the css file is really requested or if it is delivered (install Firebug, load your page through the webserver and press 'Net' tab).

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