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    Exclamation Labels not displayed

    I'm using JSF/spring/hibernate in my app for a customer and the problem is that "Lables" and the website looks fine in IEx.x versions, but the "LABELS" seem to disappear in Netscape 7.
    the code i have, for an example, is:::::
    <uianelLayout binding="#{$x$y$z.layoutPanel_formRow2}" id="layoutPanel_formRow2"
    panelLayout="flow" styleClass="formRow">
    <ui:label binding="#{presentation$personal$PersonSearch.label1}" for="hiddenField_personId" id="label1" text="#{msgs['Search.Id']}"/>
    <ui:textField binding="#{presentation$personal$Search.textfield_Id}" id="textfield_Id" text="#{SessionBean1.SearchCriteria.IdString}"/>
    <ui:hiddenField binding="#{presentation$personal$Search.hiddenField_Id}"
    converter="#{presentation$personal$Search.integerConverter1}" id="hiddenField_Id" text="#{SessionBean1.SearchCriteria.Id}"/>

    this code works perfect for IE, Opera and Safari, but NOT FOR NETSCAPE - the labels just dont appear when the page is viewed in netscape.

    the css i have is simple :::

    .formContent label {
    float: left;
    width: 10em;
    margin: 0 0.5em 0 0;

    anything missing above??? all browsers except netscape seem to display the labels

    also noticed in the page displayed that the label is present in the HTML script -
    <label id="form1:label_DepositSlipNo" for="form1:textField_DepositSlipNo" class="LblLev2Txt">
    Deposit slip no:

    only funny part is the CLASS attached to the label - not sure where netscape is affixing the styleclass for this from?

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