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    I am putting my domain and website IMPeers.com up for sale.

    This website has currently been developed at a social network for people interested in Internet Marketing. There are currently about 800 members. You will gain ownership of the domain and I will transfer the entire site contents and database over to your own host.

    You can become the "Tom" of the Internet Marketing world with this website. I am selling this site because I just don't have the time or energy to put into making this site grow as huge and fast as I know it has the potential to do.

    Benefits of owning a site like this:

    - Build a large, targeted, powerful, viral list of potential customers that you can promote to at any time.

    - Brand yourself as the "Tom" of the internet marketing world.

    - Place advertisements on the website and earn revenue in this way.

    - The perfect domain name: "impeers.com". The domain name is short, to the point and easy to remember.

    - The site includes: forums, user profiles, groups, bulletins, blogs, classifieds and much much more.

    Any creative marketer should see the huge potential of having a site like this.

    I'm asking $1500 for the site, however any reasonable offer will be taken into consideration because I would like to unload this site as fast as possible due to financial reason.

    I will personally transfer the domain and all files. plus the database of 800 members to your host and make sure everything is setup properly. In addition I will spend some time with you on the phone to make sure you understand how to navigate the administration area.
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    Re: IMPeers.com


    I am very interested in impeers.com

    Please give me more details.

    - What script is the site running?

    - Is it on a dedicated server or VPS?

    - How much traffic do you have, and where the traffic comes from

    - Is it optimised for any keywords and does it have good placement for any relevant keywords in serach engines?

    - How much bandwidth do you need for this site?

    - Are your 800 members active ?

    - How did you get members ?

    - How are you promoting this site ? Do you use paid advertising?

    - Is it possible to implement paid memberships ?

    - What are your suggestions for monetisation?

    - Would you provide support for 1-2 months ?

    - Can I see the admin area ( with temporary admin account ) ?

    Well, quite many questions to start with

    Best Regards
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