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    Whats up! Hey im new to the boards and found this forum in a desperate search to find some answers.

    Im basing my layout on Mike D's myspace layout but i wanted to tweak it a bit and cannot figure out how to add an image under the contact table.

    This image that needs to go under the contact table is a photo of my album with an itunes icon that when clicked i would like it to send to the itunes store.


    Thats the image and and the myspace address is myspace.com/phenetix9 that image needs to be placed UNDER my contact box but i cant seem to figure out where the code should go and how to make just the itunes logo on that pic a button like an image map almost.

    Thanks for reading

    if you look at the way the page sits right now the image on the right side of the page underneath one of our videos needs to be moved into the space on the left side under the contact box

    thanks again
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    Re: Pro Help Needed Please

    do you still need help with this?

    I'm not on much anymore,
    so please be patient myspace coders!

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