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    checkbox madness

    I am having trouble with some checkbox code. I loop through a recordset and build a table while adding a checkbox. I need to check the value in the recordset and see if the checkbox needs to be checked or not. Here is what I have

    Do While Not rsHist.EOF

    Response.Write ("<tr><td><input type=checkBox name=""iHistory" & rsHist("ConfID") & """ & </td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("Email")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("ConfID")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("FileLocation")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("FileName")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("FileLocation2")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("FileName2")&"</td>")

    Response.Write ("<td style=""text-align: center;"">"&rsHist("Date")&"</td>")

    If rsHist("Resend") = "True" Then
    'Request("iHistory") = 1
    document.forms(0).iHistory.checked = True

    As you can see I have been trying a few things. I also cannot get the recordset to update when I check the checkboxes::

    If Request("iHistory") & rsHist("ConfID") = checked then

    rsHist.Update "Resend", "True"

    End if

    I think part of my problem is trying to determin which checkbox(es) are checked with the & rsHist("ConfID")

    Please help. thank you very much!
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    Re: checkbox madness

    This is'nt an html problem, might be fitting to ASP.

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