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    Help needed to reconstruct traffic on google search

    Guys i created a blog couple a month ago on free games download and from the 1st day when ma site got indexed by google and till last two weeks i had traffic with 160 visitors per day in average and each week ma site used to get crawled by google and since last 2 weeks i am just getting visitors very low on search results except for getting referred for the image which i have given the alternative key. If its getting visible on images search result why not in web search results?? and for this i didn change ma post title or anything..

    This happened after the day when i added meta keyword and description on edit html, and the keywords i defined was free, free games, free pc games, games, game download and direct link download. But i dont think this is a problem, ryt???

    I am just confused and out of ideas, experts please help !!!
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    Re: Help needed to reconstruct traffic on google search

    I guess google did not like your warez list .
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