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  HTML Getting Started

Just for fun lets open up a browser window, by using the top menu open up your saved index.html file. What you should see is a blank white page with your selected title in the top browser bar.

So it is all getting boring, you still have no content on your webpage. Well let the fun begin because it is time to add all of the viewable content. We must tell the browser to begin reading the "body" of the page, of course with <body> tags. The body tags will include all text, images, and anything else you want on your page. It is here you will also include your background color or image and would include your colors for links, active link and viewed links. To pick your colors you can visit our color chart

If you had a white page with the standard links of blue, red when clicked and purple after a visit, the code would look as follows.

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#000000" alink="#000066" vlink="#000099">The contents of your page</body>

If you wanted to have an image for your background it would look like this.

<body background="http://www.the location of your image here" link="#000000 alink="#000066" vlink="#000099">The contents of your page here</body>

These are the basic tags for your page:

<meta name="keywords" content="">
<meta name="description" content="">

Now you have the basic structure of a webpage, you can either begin by taking a look at our HTML tag list or you may dive right into tables, frames or forms. Don't forget you can stop by our HTML forums any time, you would simply be amazed at the level of help offered by the staff and the enitire community.

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