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  HTML Frames Screen Layout

Making just columns or rows is very simple with frames. Making something more complicated is a little more difficult. Difficult to understand at first, but easy later, that is. This is called nesting frames.

Here is an example

<frameset rows=*,97>
<frame src="index2.htm" name="Large">
<frameset cols=*,*>
<frame src="nav.htm" name="Navbar">
<frame src="nav2.htm" name="Navbar2">
- Your backup page for non frames-capable browsers -

Remember to put in the backup <noframes> tags for the non frames capable browsers.

This would look exactly like the one before, just that it would have the bottom row split into two different frames.


Personally, I don't like frames and they are a pain to do, but if you like them, then that's your business. Here are some things to remember while making frames pages.

  • People don't like to have to scroll through more than one frame on a page; keep your navigation bar small enough that someone with a small screen resolution won't have to scroll (or just use the scrolling=no option...)

  • Remember to target your links when using frames:

    • When linking from your navigation frame, target to the main frame

    • When linking to pages or sites that are not yours, the target should be "_top" to get rid of your frames

  • Don't use too many frames on your page; it clutters it up

  • Be creative; don't just copy someone else's configuration of frames.

  • If you don't want to; don't make your page have frames. It is not necessary

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