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  HTML Links

Hyperlinks are what connect the world wide web, without them we would get nowhere without knowing the exact URL (Universal Resource Locater) of the document we are looking for. Hyperlinks or more commonly just called "links" can do many things, but they always call for an action. A link could open your email client, it can move you to different pages or it can move you to different spots within the same document.

E-Mail Link

<a href="mailto:test@ahfb2000.com">Email</a>

Creates a mail to link like this - Email

Hyperlink Tags

<a href="http://www.ahfb2000.com">HTML</a>

Creates a link like this - HTML

You could also use an image for a link instead of text. All you have to do to use an image instead is place the image tags between the <a> anchor tags.

Name Attribute

The name attribute allows us to create named anchor links, you can use these to move around within the same web page. This is the method used when you are on a long webpage that has links to the top, or a FAQ which links down the page to the question.

<a name ="sectionname">sectionname</a>

This code is placed in the section of the page that the user will end up at after he clicks the link.

To create the actual link that will take you to the specific section use the code

<a href="http://www.ahfb2000.com/index.php#sectionname">go to sectionname</a>

All you have done in this link is add the #sectionname note: change "sectionname" to suit your needs.

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