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    Get Noticed -- Submit your site to over 1,500 Search Engines Every Month for only $9.95!
    As if spamming my mailbox is not bad enough, they want $9.95 to submit to 1500 "search engines".

    First there are not 1500 search engines, second the only search engines that even matter will not accept auto-submits, you will be considered spamming and NOT be listed at ALL.

    So, if there are not 1500 search engines, and the search engines that there are do not accept auto submissions, what is this company doing? My guess through my experience is that they would probably bne submitting you to FFA pages. Has anybody ever received a hit from an FFA? Probably not, FFA pages are set up to collect email addresses for more SPAM!

    So lets break things down, I get an email spam from submitco.com. They want $9.95 to auto-submit ahfb2000 to 1500 FFA pages which will bring in 0 traffic, but will guarantee my email gets sent to 1500 SPAMMERS.

    How about If I just submit myself to the spammers and save the $9.95



    If anybody would like to spam submitco.com you may do so at

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    Well what they mean by 1500 search engines is that they have lycos.com, lycos.co.uk, lycos.co.au.....for pretty much all major search engines.

    But many of the big ones do accept auto submits because I have a program that does that...about half of the 300 search engines sumbit fine. The others don't even exist anymore.

    And also, I dont think spamming submitco is the best retalliation. Just block the e-mail address if your in Hotmail or if in yahoo then just send it to bulk. Or complain to these guys, asking to be taken off of the subscribers list. If you made an account with them maybe try closing it.

    But personally I also think its not worth 10 dollars when you just submit to an open directory like dmoz for free, which a lot of major search engines run on.

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