Hello! I have a question about input fields similar to the other one I posted a while back. Is it possible to use an input field for URL's to be modified and possibly submitted? Below is an example of what I'm referring to.

I have a few URL's that need to be updated by adding 2 sections of code and would like to use an input field to post the original URL to which would automatically be updated & submitted. There are 2 places with different ID codes for each URL labeled as "randomID1" and "randomid2" and are different for each user. The original URL's are all missing the string "/image/" in between those 2 ID's and the last string "/Edit" which comes at the very end of the URL. Those 2 parts are the ones I'd like to have the input field automatically add to the original URL's and submitting it once the URL is updated, I'm just not certain how to do it or if it's even possible. I labeled everything in Red to show where everything should be located.

Original URL posted to the input field
- Example.com/Gallery/RandomID1/RandomID2

Modified URL after the input, updated and then submitted
- Example.com/Gallery/RandomID1/Image/RandomID2/Edit

Would I need to create input fields for both randomID's in addition to a main input field for the first section of the link since all the ID's are different or is it possible to have a single input field that would be able to add "/image/" and "/edit" in the right places regardless of the ID's?

Thanks so much in advance as it's greatly appreciated!