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    Submit it mistake

    Well I think I just wasted $80. I purchused microsofts submit it, I optimised my pages and submitted it to there selected engines and no results. Is there more I can do with this software.
    Is there a way to tell how you rank on a specific search engine.
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    How long ago have you submitted? It can take time for the search engines to spider your pages.

    That said, I have to agree that in some respects it was a waste of money. The directories on the list are worthless and will probably account for less than 1% of your traffic COMBINED. The search engines I will list below

    Alexa -uses google

    AllTheWeb/Lycos -Alltheweb is now owned by Yahoo, does produce traffic but submission is free last I checked though submitting is not needed as they will find you if you have backlinks.

    Claymont -who???

    Entireweb.com -waste of time

    EZSearches - same as above

    Google/AOL/ Netscape/iWon -all use Google, very valuable traffic, like alltheweb subbmission is not needed they will find you if you have backlinks.

    Inter-Change -waste of time

    ************* -waste of time

    MSN -currently using inktomi(owned by Yahoo)

    Search It -very little traffic

    Searchalot -very little traffic but not as bad as others.

    Voila! -lol

    WalHello -lol

    The search engine market is changing rapidly right now. At this time you should concentrate efforts on Google and Yahoo (inktomi and allthe web). MSN is in the process of building their own.


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