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    Passing variables from HTML page to page

    I am new to this forum and not sure where to post this question. I would like to divide a form with 200 questons into 4 separate pages. I would like to be able to pass the visitors answers on first page to the second page, then the answers from the 1st and 2nd page to the 3rd page...etc, until they reach the last page. The visitor will then click on the submit button on the last page and all the form answers will be submitted to me at one time. How is this done? ?I've heard something about PHP?

    I am hosted by Geocties so,
    <form method=post name="form1" action="http://us.1.p2.webhosting.yahoo.com/forms?login=myusername"

    As far as I know, my hosting account is set up to interpret (read run) scripting languages such as PHP?

    Thanks to anyone who can help,

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    Re: Passing variables from HTML page to page

    in your php script have it check hidden values, like:
    HTML Code:
    <input type="hidden" value="1001010011101011" name="page1">
    if the value exists have it print all the values in the next page as a hidden value again.

    or you could make it a session thing and keep it all in a cookie.

    little tip:

    if they are all checkboxes only use 1's and 0's, so the first digit would be the first checkbox, and if it is a 1 it means it was clicked, and so on...

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