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Thread: Where is Dave?

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    Where is Dave?

    Hey folks, bet you did not even realize I was gone

    Well not completely, but I have barely been around lately. My PC went through a meltdown, more specifically the motherboard fried. I hooked up my antique Packard Bell 300 mhz and I have been able to log-in and check for spam, but it is so slow it is too hard to do much real work. I have now replaced the PC but cannot mount the old HD so that I can resume the ahfb overhaul that I was working on.

    Even though I now have the PC I will still not be on much. I am moving in a few months (just a couple of blocks down the street from actor Tommy Lee Jones)and am trying to get the new place ready. Once I get moved I will be back here fixing my current place up so that it can be rented. If all goes well I will be taking a day off sometime in 2007

    A big thanks to VJ, Coothead and the other ahfb allstars and members who continue to graciously give their time and knowledge for the benefit of others. I did get an interesting email a couple weeks back from a member asking if I could make him an allstar. The answer is pretty simple, no I cannot make anybody an ahfb allstar. It is up to you the members to make yourself an allstar by helping others, all I can do is give you a pretty button by your name that recognizes your helpfullness. I can also make a couple of people moderators, if you are interested I can certainly use the help. You may use the contact form linked at the bottom of this page and let me know the forums you most frequently post in, this will help me to guage how well you would fit into this role.

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    Re: Where is Dave?

    Dave, I feel your pain regarding the computer problems. I just got home a few days ago from visiting my sister who has a very touchy dial-up connection. I spent literally half an hour one evening just trying to get logged on! I think I might have posted here once while I was away from home, it was just too traumatic to try and do much on the internet.

    While you're getting things sorted out on the homefront, we'll try our best to keep things moving along here at AHFB.
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    Re: Where is Dave?

    Who's this Dave guy, anyway?

    Good luck with the move, maybe you can get some celebs to help you carry boxes?
    Just squeeze a minute or two once in a while to shout out here, and you'll not be forgotten!

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