It's gotten to the point now where I can't wait to get spammed. I have had 14 referrals of which 8 upgrade at $15 a piece EVERY month! They're paying $29.95 monthly. All off of them actually congratulated me, and Thanked me for showing them How I, or We, do it. Not only that, they admit they are spammers but explained that they've been trying to make money and have been spammed as well. So, they decided to 'hit' back.
This program I signed up 2mos ago is just NUTS!!! I can't believe people are actually signing up with junk programs. But the way I see it is, the programs they are affiliated with now are really excellent opportunities but has no advertising strategy to get REFERRALS!
One of them have been spamming for years he told me. This guy was promoting the great GDI. Support from sponsor was the usual classifieds, traffic-exchangs, ezines, ffas... and they all didn't work. But now he dumped GDI and is on my team making money every month using a 'reply' strategy that is second to none! And he has been a member of my team for only a month.
Anyway, there is no way to stop spam and trying is only a waste of time - but it's your time so what the heck. but there is another way, a Powerful Way, to make them pay!

Peace ya'll!