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    image rollover menu

    first of all i want to say hi to all.. im new here.
    second of all.. ive been on dynamicdrive.com's forums where there is no freakn help.. i feel like im talking to myself over there.
    here's my problem... ive been trying to make a navigational menu where i use rollover image instead of text. i was able to do that.. now the issue now is, i need the image to look as if my mouse is still on it when i am navigating its links under it.
    (i have attached a sample)
    rollover your mouse to 'basic'. then try to hover down to the links that appear when you hover on that. now see how the 'basic' image change back to its regular image? i want it to look as if the mouse is still on it as i select from the links that appear beneath it.

    well.. anyone?
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