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    Another AdSense hidden benefit

    Thinking outside the box, what I've done is use AdSense as a funding source for my MLM referrals. As they sign up I offer to create and host an AdSense website for them free, then when it earns at least $10 a month (easy to do) it pays for their monthly MLM subscription and demonstrates to others they contact how they can do the same thing.
    People online today are very hard to get involved unless they get a huge incentive to take action. These websites I create for them sell online for $150 or more, so when they can get one set up free by joining a $10 program, it has significant leverage.

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    Re: Another AdSense hidden benefit

    That's a good idea. Many people have no clue how to make websites, so I could see that being a very big incentive for those who cannot make their own.

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